Jon Nisby is a pioneer in the concert promotion industry, as well as an innovator,
promoting Jazz, Reggae, Reggaeton,  Alternative Hip-Hop & Rock, Folk, EDM amongst

Along with concert promotion, Starwood offer's, event production, music promotions and
digital film production a true 360 venture.

Current Brands:

Starwood  Music Club Tours

Starwood World, Reggae and Jazz Festivals

Starwood Latin Festivals

Starwood Music, Art, and Film Festival/Conference

Jon Nisby
Managing Director
Greetings and Welcome, you have entered Rev 2.0 of Starwood Entertainment Group's web
site. If you have been to the older version, this site will be a relief, and  3.0 will be dazzling
and thought provoking,  so stay tuned this community is on the move and reinventing itself
continually .

Starwood Entertainment LLC is registered as a State of California Limited Liability Company
formed in January 2011.
It operated as a sole proprietorship prior to 2011 by Jon Nisby.

The focal point of the company currently  is  marketing and sales with an emphasis on the
creation of technical strategies and forming strategic business partnerships.

Contact us at:
E-Mail      platforms
Phone # (209)910-5855

Starwood Entertainment LLC
Stockton California, USA
(209)910-5855                                  © 2016
Starwood TV
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